A human-centred approach to
better workplace safety | injury prevention | employee engagement .

Industry:FIT brings innovative, award-winning health & safety
solutions to NZ’s top manual labouring companies.

We can talk your ear off about the wonderful things we do.
Or you can listen to what our clients have to say…

We help you identify risk.

Job Analyses identify the 20% of employee habits
that result in 80% of company injuries.

We help you measure risk.

Periodic employee testing finds weaknesses
before they turn into costly injuries.

We help you reduce risk.

On-site solutions, because your profitability and reputation
rely on the physical capability of your manual labourers.

We work with big & small.

Risk isn’t limited to big companies. No matter what your size,
if your company is ready for change, we are ready to make it happen.

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